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    Demand Better

    Better for the wellbore. Better for the world.

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    Melt Away Plug & Perf Challenges

    Step up your production.

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    It's Go Time

    Go further. Go faster. Go interventionless.

Experience Multistage Fracturing Without Limits

Stage Completions, offering the industry’s most advanced interventionless completion systems, is changing the game for operators. With the experience of over 11,000 tools in the ground, we are the reliable partner.

Experience complete control with accurate sleeve depths, consistent formation access and repeatable outcomes throughout the wellbore to maximize reservoir value. The collet and dissolvable ball activated sleeve system is large bore ID, cementable in place, unlimited in stage count and requires zero wireline or coiled tubing intervention. Don’t let traditional plug & perf systems tie you down. Stage Completions delivers multistage fracturing without limits. Learn more today.

The Power of No

No coiled tubing. No plugs. No millouts. No perf guns. No wireline. ​​​​​​​No unnecessary personnel, water or traffic at the wellsite. No brainer.

Bowhead In Action

Orca In Action

Engineered To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Bowhead technology allows on average a 40% reduction in hydraulic horsepower per well, fewer trucks and manpower required, less equipment with fewer gallons of diesel consumed – all sustainable activities that provide a direct CO2 reduction.

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Enhanced Safety at Every Turn

At Stage Completions, safety is at the core of everything we do. Our innovative solutions are all designed to eliminate risk while supporting enhanced operations. Fewer personnel at the wellsite, elimination of guns and explosives, simplifying the overall footprint for the completion – everything we do is centered around safety.

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Companies Who Rely on Stage Completions





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Start the Conversation

If you are ready to learn how our interventionless completions can help you reduce risk, lower your carbon emissions, save time and money, while improving performance, we’re ready to start the conversation. Let’s get connected today.

We Make Short Work of Long Laterals

With nearly limitless profile combinations, Stage Completions is the industry leader in ultra-high stage count completions, making truly interventionless hydraulic fracturing possible. Our system provides record-setting efficiency while reducing completions timelines even in the longest laterals the industry is producing. Stage Completions can improve efficiencies with as little as 1 tool or as many as 300.

Innovative Game Changer: Lock & Key Design

Our advanced engineering has designed an all-mechanical system, with no ratchets, no moving parts, no electronics, no magnetic counters or motors to fail – delivering peace-of-mind and the most reliable system on the market.

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Our World Records Speak for Themselves

  • 17,884


    Total Well Length

  • 14,007


    Longest Lateral

  • 100


    Max Flow Rate

  • 220


    Highest Number of Stages

  • 11,000+


    Tool Runs