Why Stage

no-limits.jpgInnovative Technology Leaders in Completions

Stage Completions, offering the industry’s most advanced interventionless completion systems, is changing the game for operators.  With the experience of over 8,200 tools in the ground we are the reliable partner.

Experience complete control with accurate sleeve depths, consistent formation access and repeatable outcomes throughout the wellbore to maximize reservoir value. The collet and dissolvable ball activated sleeve system is large bore ID, cementable in place, unlimited in stage count and requires zero wireline or coiled tubing intervention. Don’t let traditional plug & perf systems tie you down. Stage Completions delivers multistage fracturing without limits. Learn more today.


Engineered for Increased Efficiency

Traditional single-point entry fracturing systems have limitations that fail to meet design-change demands. Current market requirements call for unlimited stages, individual fracturing isolation, extended reach capability, the application of open hole or cased hole, full bore ID, and the exclusion of wireline and coiled tubing. Stage addresses all these requirements, at lower execution risks.

Since the establishment of Stage Completions in 2014, our proprietary technology has quickly challenged industry standards with record breaking completions times. Put simply, we are driving the oil and gas industry forward with our pioneering technology for downhole single-point entry fracturing.

Proven Technology – Driving Success All Over the Globe

Stage Completions technology has been tested in diverse formations and is gaining rapid global adoption across the industry prominent geographies, including Canada, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and regions in the United States, including Eagle Ford, Permian, Bakken, STACK and SCOOP.

Enhanced Safety and Environmental Responsibility at Every Turn

At Stage Completions, safety and ESG is at the core of everything we do. Our innovative solutions are all designed to eliminate risk while supporting enhanced operations. Customers experience fewer personnel at the wellsite, elimination of guns and explosives, plus a simplified footprint for the completion – everything we do is centered around safety and protecting the environment.

Engineering & Technology Leadership

With scores of patents, and a culture of innovation, our engineering and leadership teams continuously work with our customers to develop technology solutions that help improve production, save time, and reduce costly resources throughout the completions process. As champions of the interventionless completions movement, we are finding new and exciting ways to support and improve the lives of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Our World Records Speak for Themselves

  • 17,884


    Total Well Length

  • 14,007


    Longest Lateral

  • 100


    Max Flow Rate

  • 220


    Highest Number of Stages

  • 11,000+


    Tool Runs